, stands for an IP address that some router manufacturers use as a default router address. But it is important to note that isn’t the right IP address. In most cases, this IP address is used by private home networks.

It belongs to the C IP addresses, meaning that it falls into the range that frequently starts with the

This address’ main feature is that it makes it impossible for your computer to be unrecognizable by outside locations, anything other than your home or office network or on the internet for that matter.

This brought up a significant question about their accessibility and many questions about their good and bad sides. But if you take into consideration the threats coming from the Internet all the time, unrecognizable IP addresses are pretty useful in these situations.

Private IP address means that the IP will be used in private networking and outside the internet. Home networks may be connected to the web, but they aren’t part of the internet.

They can log into the internet, but with the help of a router, which acts as a gateway. IP addresses can be static or dynamic.

Static IP addresses remain the same every time you turn your computer on.

Dynamic IP addresses automatically assign themselves to broadband networks by the DHCP servers. IP addresses that are dynamic are temporary, depending on the internet session.

The routers that use this IP address as a default IP address are:

  • Davolink DV-201AM
  • Philips CAW7740N
  • Philips SNB5600
  • Senao ECB-1220R
  • Senao ECB-8610S
  • Senao ECB9500
  • Senao ERB9250
  • Zyxel WAP3205

If you are a proud owner of any of these routers, please keep in mind that their IP address is different from the rest.