– Login, Admin Wireless Settings & Password is an IP address of class A category. It is used and reserved for private networks or local area networks. As our IP address is different overall Internet, it needs to be unique in its local area network. The IP which we are using at our home is unique over the web, and you can check it also.

This is an IPV4 address and is a default address of routers of different companies. Remember that these routers are for the private network. Public network routers use and Type IP addresses. As is a private address, it cannot be used to connect devices to the internet. – DEFAULT GATEWAY ADDRESS

When it comes to local side or Wireless access point connection, works as default gateway address. You can see this address with the help of your devices. When you join a local area network, you can see this address in TCP/IP network gateway settings.

Business routers use configuration files and command lines whereas Broadband routers use console pages for entering. So it is possible that your device is not being available to if you mistype it or use it at the wrong place.



  • Open your preferred browser and type and click go.
  • Enter username and password printed on the back of the router.
  • Enter username and password, which you get from a network provider.
  • Then, ensure your safety by selecting WPA or WPE.



Carefully look at the back and sides of the router. If there is nothing, then go for the manual book. Generally, for most of the routers, a username is “admin” or “user.”

So you can see that is not a public address, rather it is a private address i.e. it is limited to a local area network. is a class An address with default subnet mask

What steps should you take in case you forgot your password by default

In case that you don`t remember your password, reset modem`s button will help you.